How to upgrate the firmware of BG96 on itracker module?

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How to upgrate the firmware of BG96 on itracker module?


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You can upgrate the firmware of BG96 on itracker module through FOTA. Just according to the following tutorial to do it:

Quectel provides a method to update the firmware of BG96 via DFOTA (Delta Firmware Upgrade Over-the-air). And it is a simple way as below:

  1. Make sure your moudle has connected to operator net, you can query by the relevant AT commands are listed below:
     Query signal quality: AT+CSQ
     Query network registration status: AT+CREG? or AT+CGREG?
     Query the registered operator: AT+COPS?
    My test is based on 2G with China Mobile, and my init code is shown in the attached file.
  2. Put the delta firmware on HTTP server
  3. Execute AT+QFOTADL command. Then the module will automatically download the package from HTTP server via LTE/GPRS network and finally automatically upgrade the module’s firmware.

4.Use command :ATI to see the firmware version. For example, the response like below:
0> Quectel
0> BG96
0> Revision: BG96MAR02A 05 M1G (05 is the version num)

The overall process:

  1. moudle connect to operator net
  2. put firmware on http server and the address is like :
  3. use command and update finish automatically.
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“HTTPEND”,0 //Finish downloading the package from HTTP server.
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“UPDATING”, 1%
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“UPDATING”, 2%

    +QIND: “FOTA”,“UPDATING”, 100%
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“RESTORE”, 1%
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“RESTORE”, 2%

PS: attached file is below:

  1. my example init code (connect to net)
    0_1538208624689_example init.txt
  2. update firmware from 05 to 06 version and 06 to 05 version
  3. detailed process of DFOTA by Quectel

Add new firmware:
from 06 to 07:

07 back to 06:

05 to 07 :

07 to 07.01:

07.01 to 08:


  1. The order of update must to be obeyed and no skip.
  2. AT+QFOTADL=<URL>, the length of URL is better to be less than 97. So the name of file can be renamed.