RAK10701 don't save Join!


I own and use a lot my RAK10701 Lorawan Field Tester. Unhappy I have an issue with it that is a little annoying. The device doesn’t save the JOIN info so each time you start it you have to join first !
Often when I start my tracking session I’m in an area without Lora so unable to join !
Why it doesn’t save the Join info ? so next time it can start straight without having to join first !



Hello Vincen,

None of our devices have a nv-ram that would allow to save the frame counter, appskey and nwskey to reuse after a reset/powercycle.
RUI3 does not support it to avoid wear out of the flash memory, which would be the only nv-ram available on the WisDuo and WisBlock modules.

Thanks @beegee for explanation and it makes sense :slight_smile: I guess I would need to add an EEPROM RAK15000 for that right ? Also any update on releasing code of the RAK10701 ? would allow to modifiy code to suppport RAK15000 added in it :wink:

Hi Vincen,

Even if you use an eeprom, RUI3 does not support to reuse the last appskey, nwskey and fcount from before a reset or power cycle.

RAK10701 sources have been published 2 months ago ==> RAK10701-Field-Tester

Ah damn so no way to use it for that and what about RUI4 ? Side note: where is documentation of RUI4 ? it has been released few months ago now but no documentation about it on docs.rak :frowning:

Thanks, I had missed it ! Code for RUI3 needs to be rewritten for RUI4 right ? it can’t compile straight ?

Hi Vincen,

There is no such thing as a RUI4, where did you see this?. Maybe a typo somewhere?

The RAK10701 firmware is designed with RUI3 and it compiles with the RUI3 BSP.

well have seen quite few indications about it in forum: AT command not available anymore - #8 by carlrowan and so hoped that V4 might perhaps be able to reuse the last Lora infos so no need to join each time I restart the device :wink:

I think there is confusion between the name and the version numbers.

There is only RUI3 (sometimes refered to as RUI only)
And the 4.x.x is the version number of RUI3.

The BSP RUI3 V4.0.5 is available in staging and we hope can officially release it by next week.

Hi @vincen ,

To add more details on Bernd’s reply.

RUI3 is the third generation RUI (RAK Unified Interface).

There was the original RUI (internal libraries only).

Then RUI2 which allows customize firmware via cloud compilation and available to be used by customers. But not really a huge success since it is not friendly to makers (non compatible to Arduino APIs) and it takes too much to upload the code to cloud then get the compiled hex. As a developer you perform lots of compilation during development specially if fixing issues. This cycle cloud compilation is really a bottleneck and slows down the development.

Here comes RUI3, which fundamentally improve the limitations of previous RUIs. The current version is 4.0.4 and coming is 4.0.5.

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