RAK7200 node, GPS tracker

Hi @Fomi,

the gateway is configured to operate in region EU868, listening at channel 1 (868.3 MHz), Bandwidth=125kHz, Spreadingt Factor=SF7 (128 chip/s), thus DataRate=5.
I also verified that RAK 7200 tracker is showing the same RF parameters by reading the output of both “at+get_config=lora:status” and “at+get_config=lora:channel” commands.


[LoRa]:Joined Successed!

OK *0,on,868100000,0,5; *1,on,868300000,0,5; *2,on,868500000,0,5; 3,off,0,0,0; 4,off,0,0,0; 5,off,0,0,0; 6,off,0,0,0; 7,off,0,0,0; *8,on,867100000,0,5; *9,on,867300000,0,5; *10,on,867500000,0,5; *11,on,867700000,0,5; *12,on,867900000,0,5; 13,off,0,0,0; 14,off,0,0,0; 15,off,0,0,0

OK Work Mode: LoRaWAN
Region: EU868
Send_interval: 5s
Auto send status: true.
Send_interval work at sleep
Join_mode: ABP
DevAddr: 12345678
AppsKey: A0000000000000000000000000000000
NwksKey: B0000000000000000000000000000000
Class: A
Joined Network:true
IsConfirm: false
AdrEnable: true
EnableRepeaterSupport: false
Current Datarate: 5
Primeval Datarate: 5
ChannelsTxPower: 0
UpLinkCounter: 0
DownLinkCounter: 0

I cannot see why I am not receiving anything, maybe I am missing something here about the LoRaWan protocol.

Thanks for your quick replies!

Hi @Ricardo
If you use LoRaWAN ABP mode ,you should make sure the three parameters(DevAddr,AppsKey,NwksKey) match the server.

I saw your 7200 work in auto send and sleep mode,can I see the detailed log of nodes?And what server did you test on? Does the gateway receive data?

Hi @leopold,

the network server and gateway is our own implemented version. In this stage I’m not interested in the network server at all to unmarshall and decrypt any packet according to the keys and device address for any high-level application.

The issue here is a very low-level one in the network stack: Our own custom gateway receives LoRa packets and prints out the bytes received (even if not decrypt using NwksKey and forward to an Application Server, we really don’t care about that right now) from other trackers (SEMTECH SX1272 for instance) but not from the RAK7200 tracker. By sharing the same RF parameters shouldn’t I be receiving any LoRa packet in any way in our gateway’s LoRA transceiver or am I missing something here :confused: ?

Hi @Ricardo
In that case you should confirm the frequency list of RAK7200 with “at+get_config=lora:channel”,
then see if the supported frequency points of the gateway match the frequency points that 7200 has turned on.

@leopold @Fomi

Do you know how to get the additional two digits of GPS data into The Things Network with the decoder? The decoder only shows 4 decimal places but the raw data in the serial port tool shows 6 decimal places.

“gps”: {
“altitude”: “393.5m”,
“latitude”: “44.9833°”,
“longitude”: “-89.6449°”

case 0x0188:// GPS
var gps = {};
gps.latitude = (parseTriple(str.substring(4, 10), 16) * 0.0001).toFixed(4) + “°”;
gps.longitude = (parseTriple(str.substring(10, 16), 16) * 0.0001).toFixed(4) + “°”;
gps.altitude = (parseTriple(str.substring(16, 22), 16) * 0.01).toFixed(1) + “m”;
myObj.gps = gps;
str = str.substring(22);


With AT command:
X means: <0: LPP format which is only 4 decimal digits accuracy>
<1: 6 decimal digits accuracy>


Hi @JeroenKl,

I tried sending the command and found the following result.

The AT Command is invalid.

Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Is this AT command an update in the latest firmware? I am currently on

Hi @focigod705,

Which version firmware are you using?
I think it may be a lower version so that this AT command can’t be used.
You can download the latest firmware and the bootloader here:
Then flash them into your RAK7200 according to the document:

Thanks @JeroenKl and @Fomi. After updating the firmware I was able to send the command. Thank you both.

@Fomi, will I need to adjust the payload decoder for TTN?

Hi @focigod705,

Yes, we’re making another decoder for TTN now. :smile:

you can use

for 4 digits precision gps data.

If you increased the precision(6 digits), you should use

Wonderful. Thank you very much.

Hi @Fomi,

Can we expect a RUI based firmware soon?



Hi @Fomi,

Can we expect a RUI based firmware soon?



Oh @JeroenKl,

I’m really sorry for late reply, especially your last post because i just see it…

About the new firmware for RAK7200 based one RUI, i’m afraid it will not be released soon.
Recently, my team are working on RAK modules linke RAK811, RAK4200, RAK4270, RAK4600, …
We want to focus on imporving these modules firstly (the first step), then improving RAK products like RAK7200 based on these modules’s new firmware (the second step). This is a re-optimized work.
Now, we are at the end of the first step, and the second step will start at the beginnig of the next month.

Hi Jeroen,
Waiting to buy a lot of trackers 7200 for my job. Seems to be a lot of bugs in the firmware. You have test it since a few months I have seen that. Could you please contact me at jazbond at gmail to discuss if you agree and give me your advice in private :slightly_smiling_face:

@Fomi - I have been following this thread since Aug 2019. I would like to use this tracker if the internal antenna issue has been resolved. Have you an ETA of the new updated antenna being made available for sale? Thanks!

Hi Stefan,

I’ve got a 7200 tracker with the new internal antenna and works fine.
Of course is my 7200 with a tweaked external anttenna performing a little bit better, but that’s logical.

BR, Jeroen

Thanks @JeroenKl - I think I’ll use an external one.