Unable to Join OTAA on US915

I’ll show you!

If you look at your join list, there is a duplicate of join request at the same frequency channel at 904.5MHz which is 15 s apart. That’s odd. By right node will never do that and not allowed.

I still can’t get mine to join by OTAA. I will build another unit of 915MHz. But, if that doesn’t work, I have no choice but to revert back to the RisingHF modules. Theirs seems to be more stable and join network faster without issues.

Were you testing the 915MHz version?


Hello, is TTN + RAK7258 + 4200 using the US915 band still unsuccessful?

What happens if you replace TTN with RAK7258’s built-in server?

@phangmoh, yesterday I had a break through.

I rechecked that my 4200 EVB was still not doing an OTAA join, which it wasn’t.

Then I spotted an EUI was printed on the top of the module, edited my TTN EUI to that and setup OTAA with it and it just worked! Woo Hoo

As many of my early devices are based on ATmega328 + RFM95W + LMIC, I’ve been used to generating my own EUI’s for testing, so I wasn’t in the habit of checking for them on the RAK modules! Doh!

So it may be you have the same issue, I’ve not tried all the combinations of AT commands but I do know if I issue an at+set_config=lora:dev_eui:xxx with the module’s EUI along with the app & key, it works.

@nmcc Thanks for checking them for me. But, I did used the EUI printed on the module. You can see them on the board picture I have posted here with the debug messages from the RAK4200. They are correctly setup.

Let me try that setup.

@ZhuQI @Nicholas tried on the RAK7258’s built-in server but results in the same:

I will build another node today and test.

Is there a difference in hardware (like filter in the antenna port) for 868MHz and 915MHz RAK4200? I only fear you guys sent the wrong one but with US915 firmware loaded. But, that would be quite impossible as the gateway receives all the uplink join request perfectly. Other than that, maybe it’s a firmware wrongly labelled as 3.0.12 loaded. I saw posting by you guys last month saying you guys were working on trying to improve the stability of the firmware of all modules. The RAK4200 I have, has been bought few months back. So, I’m sure they don’t have the improvement that you guys have implemented in the past 1 month. Just a thought.

We will inform you after the new version is released, but there is no problem with version in our test, we have been normal, do you have other boards?

Each upstream data packet can be clicked to expand to see detailed information. Could you please click on each data packet to see which frequency band was successfully joined? Is it possible to join successfully every time in the same frequency band?

@ZhuQI Yes I know that. But, it didn’t manage to join at all under OTAA. It looks exactly same when TTN is used. So, I don’t think TTN or Network Server on the RAK7258 are the issue.

My working hours are UTC 01:00 to 09:00, can we try teamview tomorrow?

We could do this. Good idea. But for tomorrow, I think timing is a bit tight. I will personally message you.
Any specific tool you need other than access to the RAK7258 and serial tool for the RAK4200? I’m on Linux, so no RAK serial tool for you!
You guys are on +GMT8 time zone same as us.


I can use cutecom.
Do you have any instant messaging apps? Like what’s app, wechat.

Just to add a note here. 2nd unit of 915MHz built, same behavior. Cannot join on OTAA even when using RAK7258’s built-in server.

Maybe try a different type of node - RAK811 or a third-party one - to sanity check the gateway allows an OTAA join?

The gateway has been proven to work with other RN2903A based boards (few hundreds of them) and LMIC-RFM95W boards. No issues on the gateway.

@ZhuQI thank you very much for spending more than 2 hours to troubleshoot the issues remotely. Results are still pending but there’s a few findings:

  • Both 868MHz and 915MHz are identical in hardware. Only the region settings is different.
  • The 868MHz unit that worked previously can even work in 915MHz and joined OTAA successfully.
  • We weren’t able to get the faulty 915MHz units to work in both 868MHz and 915MHz band in OTAA.
  • Switching to AU915 band causes the signal received on the gateway to be very low. Should be some settings related probably on gateway. Need further investigation on this.

Next is to assemble the remaining 3 units of 915MHz RAK4200 I have and retest first in 915MHz and then 868MHz.

Hello, how about the other three us915 test results?

Hi @ZhuQI, I only managed to build another that night as it was already late. Surprisingly the 915MHz works on OTAA. I have been busy with production work since then but I will assemble all remaining units regardless it is 868 MHz or 915 MHz. Will get back to you. Thanks.