RAK2245/3 crashing after 68hours / 63000packets

Hi @De_Drie_Bronnen,

How many nodes are we talking about sending join requests at the same time?

Thanks for your exactly testing!
We’ll debug this issue next.:handshake:


After several more weeks of testing:
The raks have issues with processing joins. they receive the join request, but do not send an acknowledge with the keys. the normal packets keep being processed at that time.
After a while the buffer of unprocessed joins fills up and it stops processing packets all together…

we would love to use the raks but for the moment we have switched our production devices to multitech conduits.

Hi, @De_Drie_Bronnen

Thank you for your testing too. It is helpful for us to improve our products user experience continuously.

Hi, any roadmap to solve this issue?

Hi, @Oskariot

We’ve tested for a long time, and find an issue which may be related with the issue you meet.
We are fixing it, and will release a new firmware this week. Then we can test again using the new firmware.

Hi, @Fomi

thank you for your information and solving the issue.

Hi @Fomi
Did you release the new firmware yet?
Thank you

Hi, @De_Drie_Bronnen

Yes, we’ve released a new version firmware recently, you can download it from RAK website:

This is the release note:

  1. Solve the problem of disconnect and reconnect network, gateway and server can not connect automatically;
  2. Add a fixed IP for LAN Port:;
  3. SSID and password can be modified in AP mode;
  4. Change rak-version to gateway-version;
  5. Modify local_conf.json, only EUI information is saved and other redundant information is deleted;