RAK2287 Chirpstack “Enable network geolocation”

Do you have any idea how reprehensible this activity is - I realise you may have done this inadvertently so I will petition the Grand Council to offer you some leniency, but please do not even think of doing anything like that every again.

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8km - ugh. I guess this is why this is an API based service as there may well be aspects that they are still figuring out - TOA is so much easier than RSSI that is a log based figure that can be affected in other ways.

Somewhere on here, or TTN forum, I did posit the idea of doing a TTN Mapper of my new town and then feeding the data in to a Machine Learning system to see how well it could geo-locate - with some comprehensive data, it would know which lines of sight are blocked or compromised and could, in theory, become quite useful.

Maybe I should try and lure a CS student in to a practical project.

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I think I have some other messages from the Hull trip that were received by more than one gateway (although none with as many as four gateways!). Might try those out too…