RAK811 how use class C?

(Vladislav Yordanov) #21

By the way why are you installing it on Windows ???
Additionally you need to have an MQTT Broker (Mosquitto for example)
Than you need the LoRa Server , thant you need the LoRa Application server
So you need to run the MQTT broker and point the packet forwarder to the Gateway bridge, it will connect with the MQTT Broker which will publish messages in topics. Than the LoRaServer subscribes to those. And than you got the Application server on top. As you can see quite fun to configure on Windows.
Better get a Raspberry Pi and have it all dumped there, :):):slight_smile:

(Vladislav Yordanov) #22

Ah another thing is that the binaries are see like viruses by your antivirus software. No worries they are false positives, however do not expect to extract the archive or run the service while your antivirus is up.

(phil) #23

Hi Hobo,

well it is an archive of virtual machine …no ? then why not running it under windows OS ?
the archive file seem corrupted when i try to unrar it from my Windows machine (i’m using an old Winrar version).
i will give it a try to download it on another machine which run Ubuntu.

(Todor Velev) #24

Hi @phil31 ,
I have just downloaded the image to check if it works. Seems ok to me. In the RAR file there is an ISO image. Mount it using virtual box for example (or whatever VM you are using). Try to install this way and everything should be up and running :smiley:
Next you need to set up the connection between your LAIRD GW and the LoRaServer.
You can find the tutorial here: LoRa Server Lair Setup. Do not forget you need to configure your MQTT broker as @Hobo mentioned .
You can edit the broker credentials, loraserver and etc. configurations from console :
sudo vi /etc/lora-gateway-bridge/templates/lora-gateway-bridge.toml
sudo vi /etc/lora-app-server/templates/lora-app-server.toml
sudo vi /etc/loraserver/templates/loraserver.toml

(phil) #25

hello all

no way, i just try to open the rar archive file, even under Ubuntu 18.04, that say me that the file archive is corrupted !!
can’t open the rar file neither with Windows or Ubuntu :frowning:

is there any other location that i can download it ?

or may i use other provider as TTN to try class C ?
lorio.io is working with class C ?

i try to install directly the loraserver.io under my Unbuntu VM, but 'im stuck !

(Vladislav Yordanov) #26

I would suggest that you take care of your OS. If me and @velev both downloaded the file from the same location and we were both able to open it than this suggests that the issues is not with the file itself.
Perhaps we can give you a link to the ISO.
I will extract the archive and upload the image in my personal cloud space. Will share it later today.

(phil) #27

thanks Hobo, wait your link

(Vladislav Yordanov) #28

Hi @phil31,

The link to the ISO:

Try to use this one for the VM, should be able to install it.

(phil) #29

thanks Hobo, iso downloaded.
i run it … but what is the login/pass ?


(Vladislav Yordanov) #30

Np let me know ow it goes.

(Vladislav Yordanov) #31

Try admin/admin, if you haven’t already that is :slight_smile:

(phil) #32

there is only 2 users : “postgres” and “rakwireless” !

well rakwireless/rakwireless works !
now i will check it :o)


(Vladislav Yordanov) #33

np, glad you found it on your own :slight_smile: