2 x RAK v2 inactive since May 11

Hi, I have 10 RAK v2 miners, and since approx 2.45 pm UTC two of them have become inactive. They are ‘Quick Ceramic Duck’ and Shaggy Corduroy Cukoo.
I can see that they are still passing internet traffic if I ‘torch’ the Ethernet port on the Mikrotik router connecting them to the internet.
I replaced both SD cards with new ones containing the latest available firmware version 2022.04.19.0, but it made no difference (I had previously successfully updated most of my other miners using the same method and firmware described here. Im sure this isnt a coincidence, and must be rlated to the new ‘lite’ designation. Any help appreciated, thanks!

I’m having the same issue with my rakv2 as well. I’m hardwired in and it’s been 5 days since any activity. I’ve flashed a card and installed it to the miner and I’m not getting any activity. I have IOT devices all throughout my property and none of them are communicating through my hotspot anymore. I have switched to wifi and no change. When I do a Bluetooth diagnostic, it comes back bad, only thing that’s good in the diagnostic is the disk reads okay. I have an account with heliumtracker and I can ping it but no peer book connections come back. The other hotspots around me I can ping and they have peer book connection results. Mine never does. I called my internet provider and they told me they can’t block devices or IP addresses. I have no idea what to do now. Really disheartening.