2xAA Powered, RAK811 based, waterproof open source LoRa node

Experimentation node:

Main features:

  • Powered by 2xAA batteries
  • Fits inside a generic waterproof enclosure
  • Expandable
  • Open source software and hardware

The PCB has a small area for prototyping or can be used to stack a more specialized board. The software accepts up to 3 switch based sensors (magnetic reed switches, float switches, vibration switches, push buttons, etc. )

The software is based on RAK RUI and the board was designed with KiCad V5. All files are available and Open Source

The board fits a “generic” 83x58x33mm waterproof enclosure box.



Hey @alnunez,

More open source hardware and software! :clap:t2:

Well done @alnunez. Thanks for sharing it with the community :smile: