4/4 rak miners down due to appearently failled OTA update

Hi all,

After An appearent OTA update, all of our RAK’s went down. One is gone for 3 days ( no activity, not even data ). 3 others went away yesterday and today. Behavior is similar, and there is no activity in Each RAK. Pingeable: yes, not relayed, blockchain ok. Sometimes starts syncing, goes dead.

Can someone please help? RAK is really troublesome lately ( went down 3 Times in februari for about 10 days now ).

Hi,I have the same problem :frowning:

There is something broken. Expect no help from RAK, nor from Helium as they Will fix IT again silently.

Many many many Rak/mntd/cal chip are down as we speak. All flatlined, nor syncing. This is apppearently due to a failled OTA update. Discord is full of complaining RAK/MNTD owners (.

This is giving RAK/MNTD/cal-chip a worse reputation then they already had. I think there is a big persisting hardware/software issue with RAK/MNTD which they are trying to fix for months now. My RAK’s have been down 20 out of 30 days ( in februari Alone!) due to failled updates and extreme long syncing/docker container rollout periods.

You cannot do anything, except wait.