4630 i2c2 / Wire1 support?

It looks like the Wire.h library for the RUI3 Api exposes a “Wire1”. It looks like this is intended to provide access to i2c2 via the Wire library. However, it does not appear to function when RUI3 is used with the 4630. Is this expected behavior? If it is, will i2c2 support be added to RUI3 in the near future?

We have a custom board based on the 4630, and i2c2 is hooked up to a device that we need to access. If the Wire library isn’t scheduled to support i2c2 any time soon, does anyone have any suggestions around how we can get the second bus working with the Wire library? Is it as simple as changing the pins in the “variants” file?

Any assistance would be appreciated!

– Nathan

Welcome back @nmcminn

Support for the second I2C is on the todo list of RUI3, but I have no release date available.

Changing the pins in the variants.h file will not help because the underlaying HAL drivers need to support it as well.

Good day Bernd!

Thank you for the response. Do you have any suggestions for a workaround? Another library we could bring in that could access those pins directly perhaps? I don’t think our hardware engineer was aware of this limitation when he designed the PCB.

Hi Nathan,
My only idea would be to use a soft-I2C library like the SoftWire library. But I never tried that library.