4630 or 4631, which is what?

What is going on, I ordered a Wisblock with what I thought was the 4631 module only to receive the 19007 board with a module stating 4630 (Meshtastic Starter Kit for LoRa – RAKwireless Store). Now within my Meshtastic app (on my iPhone) it shows that I am using the 4631 module!
Are the 2 the same or what?

Welcome to RAK forum @Phil_Rosa-Leeke.

Thanks for getting our meshtastic kit. Lots of promising things to do with it.

Regarding your question, the RAK4630 is the LPWAN module attached on the RAK4631 WIsBlock Core board.

It is explained here in the datasheet - RAK4631 WisBlock LPWAN Module Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center

So, is it the same thing (4631) or should I have bought something else.

By the way, that link you gave me opens up just a blank page (as with other documents pages).

Talking about documents, is there anything out there in the way of a “manual” or at least something that could explain what each LED means and what certain “flashes” mean?

Hi @Phil_Rosa-Leeke ,

RAK4631 is correct.

It seems there’s a backend issue in our docs center. It should be back online in a while.

With regards to LEDs, it will depend on what the firmware does.

With Meshtastic firmware, I am not sure if the LEDs are configurable. Surely if you will have full control on the Meshtastic firmware and plan to modify it for your needs you customize its purpose.

But generally using default Meshtastic firmware,

RED led - charging indicator (not related to firmware)
GREEN led - Slowly fading on-off (means in boot loader mode)
GREEN led - Blinking every second (Meshtastic FW newly uploaded)

Good news about the Docs.

Got them at last and they answer the questions I was worried about (and now I am not worried lol)

Thanks for your help CarlRowan

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