4631 Port Problem issue

Hello, I am working with a RAK4631 on WIndows 11. I am uploading software to Rak 4630 via Arduino IDE. And in the last few days, port errors have become more frequent. When I connect it to the port after downloading the software, the computer does not see RAK 4631. I tried it on different devices as maybe it was caused by the computer. However, the problem did not go away. I booted again. Then, when I threw code from Arduino IDE, the same problem occurred again. Unfortunately, every time I plug the 4630 into the computer, I press the reset button twice and port seems it. However, this does not a solution. How can I fix this port issue? I would be glad if you can give me an idea.

I experienced this before and what I did is reuploaded the bootloader via RAKDAP1. I am not sure what causes it though. There is no way to change the current state of the bootloader unless accessed by external tools like Jlink or RAKDAP1.

I add this code my software. Card has fixed. İs it true choice I don’t know, but I used it. :slight_smile:

while (!Serial) {}