5205 Error 3 & Upgrade Tool Timesout/canceled

Issue:Error 3 when sending an AT command. tried to update (not sure if its needed) but the update either cancels or times out. have tried the update tool on Ubuntu and Windows. However it does connect to the TTN, but all configuration was on the TTN Application page.

Setup: just got it in the mail.

Server: nam1.cloud.thethings.network

Details: the TTN picked it up, but only through configuration on the TTN Application page. As soon as i click ‘Upgrade’ the blue light flashes, and usually in about 3 seconds the tool says canceled.

Welcome to RAK forum Barry.

It appears that there is flash related issue on your RAK5205. My suggestion is to upload the latest firmware (not legacy) by following this guide. This should be able to fix the issue on the module.