5205 vs 7200 gps tracking

whats the difference between the two apart from bme sensor ?

How much time does it take to lock to satellites ? I am assuming it would be very slow as there is no assisted gps.

i need to buy one of these, so if somebody can help, it would be great.

Hi @abhishek2101
I can not say about RAK7200, but RAK5205 with small GPS antenna (RAK7205 enclosure) locks position and sends it to TTN in about 30-35 seconds, cold start.
I think it will be same in RAK7200.

Todor Velev

what if during the tracking, vehicle goes inside the tunnel or there is no clear line of sight of the satellites, will it take another 35 seconds to lock again once it gets line of sight ?

Probably yes. This is supposed to be low power device. If you want A-GPS there should be cellular modem and sim. And that will cost much power. But this time (30-35 seconds) is correct due TTFF. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_to_first_fix

I think it would take for 1 minute in total.