5801 test with 4-20ma generator

With the RAK5801 on a RAK5005-0, I’m trying to generate the signal in lab before going to field. This is more of an electronics question so I’m sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong place.

I can get current with the generator, but not getting results in the 5801. I’m running the example 5801 4-20ma for the rak4360.

Does this hookup in the photo look correct? I obviously don’t understand ground vs common…

Hi, im not shure but you may connect your current generator wrongly to the RAK5801. This things are what i see:

  • You connecting external power source (12V Output) to GND of your device.
  • Your device seems to based on 24V level.
  • Try to connect to GND of RAK5801 and GND of your “Current Generator”

Maybe im wrong, but your wiring is a little bit confusing. :smiley:

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Yes, good catch on pin 5 connection, i should have updated my photo, that was early attempt.
Maybe I’ve already damaged the circuit. Going to track down a multimeter and verify the output.

Trying pin 5 connected to ground on generator does get a result, its just straight zero.

Thank you for looking at this.

@AndreP you got it, am able to read correct mA’s on pin 8 when I use the pin 6 for ground and using the example (non lora) pressure sketch. Now my issue is a working sketch that will read values while connecting to lorawan, but that’s another post!

Thanks again for helping me talk through this.

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