5860 shutdown / power draw problems

I’m using a 4631 in combination with a 5860 on a 5005-O baseboard.
Before I turn on the 5860, the total current draw of the system is 1.8 milliamps.
After I turn on the 5860, send a cellular message, and turn it back off again, the total current draw of the system settles back down to around 7 milliamps.
This means that after being powered off, the 5860 still draws roughly 5.2 mA of current.
These are the commands I’m using to shut it down:

    bg77_at("AT+QCFG=\"fast/poweroff\",63,1", 2000);

I need to determine why the module still draws 5.2 mA after being turned on/off, and if I’m turning it off wrong.

I know this is old but I found a solution.

@zacksahnger I was experiencing this same problem. I couldn’t get the power current back to the same as it was prior to starting the modem. After a lot of troubleshooting I realized I was leaving the separate (2nd) serial connection to the modem open after shutting the modem down.

Give this a try:

bg_at("AT+QCFG=\"fast/poweroff\",63,1", 2000);
  bg_at("AT+QPOWD=1", 2000);
  digitalWrite(BG77_POWER_KEY, LOW);
  #ifndef MAX_SAVE
    Serial.println("Modem fast power off completed");

got back down to 78uA which is significantly better than the 1.3ma it was resting at.

Good luck.