5860 status LEDs

Hi there. I’ve got two WisBlock prototype examples side by side. Each uses the 19011 dual IO base board, the 19016 DC power supply, 11310 core and 5860 cellular modem.

On one of the sets, the 5860 status LEDs do not come on, and the power supply LED blinks at a low brightness about 1/s. On the other one, the power supply LED is on steadily and bright, and the 5860 LEDs are blinking about 1/4s: BG77_STATUS (blue) LED with a long duty cycle and BG77_NET_STATUS (green) with a short one.

UPDATE: I did the obvious thing and swapped the 5860s between boards. I think it’s either a power or base board issue, because the problem still exists and it is independent of the modems.

Welcome to RAK forum @phil

Seems the RAK5860 is working fine with your LED description.

If you think you have power related issues, few things to try:

  1. Put external battery. This is a must for the cellular modem.
  2. You can probably have a look on voltage levels using multimeter or oscilloscope to see if stable (3.3V and battery power line)
  3. Double check the connectors and secure them with screws.

So a battery is required? What is the smallest size that would work for an application that will always be mains connected?

Did the double check of screw tightness, by the way. I’ll also confirm voltages are present.

Thanks for the response!

Any rechargeable li-ion battery can work.

It seems you are going to be powered by mains. Unfortunately, RAK5860 is designed to work with power coming from battery.

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