7200 not joining

Issue: When executing at+join

Setup: 7200 connected to PC, gateway 30ft away

Server: TTN

Details: went through config as stated in quick start and help.

OTAA Join Start…
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:1
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:2
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:3
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:4
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:5
[LoRa]:Joined Failed!

Some information needs to be provided to me. The version number can be checked by at+version. Are the three parameters correct (pay special attention to app_key)?Can data be received on TTN?

all three parameters have been verified several times including the app_key.
I have no light on my device except the red charging light when it’s plugged into my PC.

I wasn’t able to get OTAA working so I went with ABP. The device joined but I am unable to see it in TTN or send data.

Which band are you using for testing? Also can you see the upstream or downstream data on the server?

I check on my configuration and a reset solved my problem. However, why aren’t the LED’s lit for power and connection? Is this a known issue?

This document can help you. Please check it.

I understand what the LED’s are for. I just wanted to tell you

The charging LED is steady red when charging.
The LED full charge light hasn’t ever come on.
I will watch for LED 3 when I start with more testing.

Why doesn’t LED2 ever light up?

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