7246G GPS working for chirpstack display but not for location (rxInfo) in uplink data frames

Issue: The gateway(s) are set up with a reference location. Now, the GPS is working fine, at least for the preview in the Chirpstack:

The marker on the map on the right side is working too.

However, the data of the rxInfo-field reports another location. In fact, this reported location appears to be the reference location and not the current location of the gateway:
[second image in comments, because there is a limitation for new users to only put 1 image in a post]

This is bad because we need the location data of the rxInfo-field to assign locations to sensors we’re using.

Am I missing something? What could be the reason for this ‘weird’ behavior?

Setup: 7246G set up according to quickstart guide


[Image 2]
The image I couldn’t insert above

This rxInfo is taken from the LiveLorawan Frames section of the gateway. It’s an unconfirmed uplink.