7258 - 915 regions


I need to use my RAK7258 in a AU915 range of frequencies and channels, but In the General Configuration I don’t have the option to choose AU915 (not even US915), how can I enable them? Or set the frequencies manually in the Radio Configuration area?


Can you tell me the frequency band that your RAK7258 purchased is that one.

Hi @Ori,

Please update your firmware to the latest version. The AU915 is present there:


Hi @Hobo I upgrade to 1.1.0048_Release_r180, and I still see only the EU,IN and RU plans… how can I switch to AU915?

Hi @Ori I found your problem. The frequency band of your gateway is 868MHZ, as shown in the figure, it does not support 915MHZ.1566281019(1)

Hi @Nicholas,

I bought a 868 indeed, but I received an official license to operate in the 915Mhz range only (strange country). I really have no choice but to switch it to 915, the Semtechs components should support it.

Can I flash it? or set the frequencies manually?


I’m really sorry. Due to the problem of the internal hardware of the gateway, the gateway of 868MHZ does not support switching to 915MHZ.Because 868MHZ and 915MHZ RF filters are inconsistent.

@Nicholas - that’s really unfortunate and a serious problem for me.

What happens if I set the frequencies manually? Is there any risk of frying anything ?

Can you at least send me a screenshot of the parameters to set the: LoRa Concentrator 0 - settings for AU915 ?

If you manually modify this frequency band, the gateway will not be able to receive the messages issued by the node, so that it cannot be used normally. The figure below shows the configuration of 915MHZ, and his frequency band selection options will support US, AU and other frequency bands.

I am interested in the screenshot of the Lora Concentrator parameters such as this (but for AU915):

You can use this document to look at all the frequencies you need.https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/gateway-conf
The figure below shows the corresponding frequency points of AU915:

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Hi @Ori,

I apologize for misleading you. This is due to lack of knowledge on my part, really sorry.
However I do have one question. What do you mean you received a license for 915MHz?
Which country are you in, both the 868 and 915 bands should be free and not require licensing?


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