7268V2 / 7391 / 5146L seeking answers and not really getting anywhere

I am trying to figure out which gateway is

  1. best suited to prototype/develop a solution
  2. use in production scenario

The project will be a private LoRaWAN network that will not be connected to the internet.

Initially there will be a single gateway, though depending on the maximum number of nodes that can be supported this may change.

After the gateway there will be a Raspberry Pi which will receive the messages, decode and store the data in a database, it will also be running an application to display the interpreted data - the nodes a basically fairly advanced data loggers built using T-Beam devices (ESP32) which had a LoRa module on board.

Potentially the Raspberry Pi could be the gateway as well as post processing unit, or a separate Raspberry Pi could be a dedicated gateway using a HAT, or the gateway could be a self contained off the shelf unit.

The frequency will be 433 range.

I’m told by Rak (via a 3rd party reseller - because Rak support have never responded to me) that this is possible, but when I investigated the suggested items (while awaiting further responses from them) found it was a 868 unit with no mention of a 433 option.

I get the impression the 7268V2 is perhaps the less configurable options for what I’m looking to do, but I have seen a guide where it was setup using a local ChirpStack network server - which whilst I don’t think (maybe wrong) I need at this point, I guess I would need later if a second gateway is added for de-duplication.

This scenario would be a on site of approx 0.5Km diameter.

Any information and guidance anyone can provide would be gratefully received as the one thing I have discovered is most things 433 related from Rak seem to have a 2 week lead time and I need to get going on this.

Hello @tom-pinnacle ,
Since what you need is a kind of custom usage of the gateway(not that standard) you can take a look at RAK7391(WisGateConnect). It has enough computing power (powered by CM4) to run the postprocessing of the data. It also will give you more flexibility, which it was designed for.
As for the 433 frequency, you will have to contact [email protected] for that as it is not very common and we don’t have the option in the store, but you can request it there.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov