7431 can't connect to TTN


Setup:7431 can’t connect to TTN


Details:Hi, I still can’t connect the Rak 7431 to the TTN network. I send attached images. Maybe someone can help me. Thanks.

I am not an very familiar with the RAK7431, but it seems there are different regions on the device and in TTN?

US915 on the device, but AU915 in TTN.

Hi Bernd,
The region was corrected and I still have the problem.

Hi Carlo,
I am trying to connect a 7431 to ttn through a mikrotik gateway without success. could you help me please.

Did you try to set the device to LoRaWAN specification V1.0.2. I know the datasheet says V1.0.3, but I have sometimes problems.

Your gateway shows the join requests, and I see other devices sending data. But can you see the join requests in TTN? It seems it is not arriving in your TTN application in the device.

Thanks Bernd for your help, I’ll be testing your recommendations.