8 channels + same 8 channels

Hi there,

I am interested in a question.
Is it possible to use 16 channel version gateways and setup such settings:

  1. setup the same frequencies on both concentrators
  2. use directional antennas to cover different areas
  3. setup different network servers for concentrators


Hello @mykhalych90 ,

With the WisGateEdge series, this is not available, but if you use WisGateConnect you can achieve this.
You can use Docker to set up two UDP Packet Forwarder/ Basics Station instances separately for each concentrator. This way you can set the same channels for both concentrators and also in the LNS you will see each concentrator as a different gateway.

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Nikola Semov

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Hi, thank you for your answer.

So, on WisGateEdge I can not do this even for one LNS (ie without question 3)?

With the Edge series, you will not be able to set the same channels for both concentrators. This system is commercial and such a use case is too “out of the box” for it. Whereas the more developer-oriented WisGateConnect will do the job.

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