A new Arduino library for Arduino board + WisNode-LoRa RAK811 board

Hi all,

We’ve made an Arduino library repo on Github, and write a tutorial to show how to use Arduino board + WisNode RAK811 board.

Please have a look at this link for more details:

Hello @Fomi
I’ve followed the guide closely and I managed to send at+version and i got a response; but it is giving me “Init error, please reset module” when it executes the rest of the code. It also does not join the network over OTAA

Edit: I’ve managed to get it working by writing my own code
Another question, what is it the “delete X” in the following image and what do I need to do?

Thanks in advance

delete X means If there is resistance, remove it with a soldering iron.
It only applies to WisNode V1.2 board.