A newest software based on LoRa Gateway OS for RAK2245 and RAK831 + RPi!

Hi, everyone

In the last three weeks, my team worked hard to develop a newest version software for RAK2245(with UART GPS) + RPi and RAK831 + RPi, based on LoRa Gateway OS.
Now, i’m very glad to announce that we’ve released it today.
You can download the image from the following link:
and make a SD card system for your RAK2245 + RPi or RAK831 + RPi, according to the document:

The LoRa Gateway OS is based on Yocto, it is a very small system and specially used for LoRa gateway.
Please download and try it on your RAK2245 or RAK831 + RPi.

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We’ve updated its source code on Github: