About current consumpiton of 5V out pin in RAK5205




To add a sensor that uses a voltage of 5v to the RAK5205 module.
I want to know the current allowance of the pin that produces a 5V voltage.
If anyone knows, please answer.

Thanks ~ !

Hello @zerotiger

Do you mean pin 11 of the pin-headers, VCCIN or named 5V on the silkscreen of the PCB?

That pin is not a 5V output for external sensors, it is a 5V input (connected to the USB 5V) to supply and charge the battery as an alternative to the USB port.

If you supply through the USB port, that pin is the same voltage coming over USB and the current depends on how much current the USB host can supply.
If you run from battery, there is no voltage on that pin.

Pin 11 of the pin header is intended to be used so that a sensor using a 5V voltage can be added.
Isn’t that the right way?

No. Pin 11 is an alternative 5V input to supply the board.

Pin 11 is connected to the 5V coming from the USB connector. The RAK5205 does not generate 5V on it’s own.

If you do not supply over USB connector, there is no voltage on pin 11.