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Hello, @steven @Fomi

I encounter some problems to read my past topics and answers since this week, the support seems to have changed and just a few posts/users are present now. Did you changed something?

Also, to access, yesterday, I had to create a new account with the same email and it didn’t complained!

Here you can find the links for the topics missing :



But many others are missing, like those ones :





As you may have noticed, we have made significant changes in the forum. We have decided to move our forum discussions from NodeBB to Discourse for future expansion.

We are trying our best to make a smooth transition, which is why we have been broadcasting this banner from all over the forum.

On the off chance that you failed to notice this line of text.
This is definitely my fault. I’m very sorry for that :frowning:

We have archived the old forum in this subdomain http://supporten.rakwireless.com

For the meantime, you can review your old posts in the old forum and quote them here in a newly created discussion thread.

Should you need more details, please don’t hesitate to reply.

PS: Data migration from NodeBB to Discourse isn’t an easy task and we are very sorry for that.


As of this moment, all old support.rakwireless.com links has been transferred to supporten.rakwireless.com