ABP: end-device not receiving downlink ACK but uplink is recieved

Working with the RAK7243 and multitech mdot, using the built-in chirpstack network server stack.

We can receive the uplink packets from the mdot, but the mdot does not receive the ACKd successfully. We tried with a different end-device and the same issue.

This is the US915 GW/MDOT

RXDelay on the mdot is set to 1 and in chirpstack as well, we are not too sure how to set up the device-profile, we try like this:

Any ideas about this behavior ?

i am not sure if the downlinks are going out to the end-device, i see in the application server of chirpstack the attempt downlink, but I do not see it in the network server logs.

how can we make sure the downlinks are actually sent via the lora card?

@Tom hi, can we share how to connect mDot to RAK server, I want to use some mDot I left from last project… I know Network Id and Network Key for connecting with MultiTech conduit, but how do you configure it to Rak server with (OTAA) application key setting and other things? Thanks.

hi guys

we notice that when we run /home/pi/rak_common_for_gateway/lora/print_lora_log.sh

the network server doesn’t work consistently, like the log tool prevents packets from going to the network server and to the app server.

is that possible?

for example when the log tool ran, we had issues with receiving ACK downlinks, when it wasn’t it was working fine.

Hi. Can you change in global_conf: `“lorawan_public” from “false” to “true”
You can read more here : https://forum.chirpstack.io/t/au915-928-otaa-fails-join-accept-not-received-by-mdot/365/15