ACK Actions in Wistrio 5205

¡ Hello everybody !

I’m testing several devices with my LoRa Server network. One of them is the Wistrio 5205 (from now Wis). As you can see in the pictures I have the Wis well registered and working with the “Confirm Mode” active:


And my question: Is it possible to activate any LED in the Wis for some seconds when an ACK is received? And, in which way could I send commands to the Wis from my lora server so that the board could activate in high or low some pins?

Thank you in advance! Hope you are doing well!

Kind regards,
Pablo Romero.


It looks like you should be able to find your answers in the example code that is already in the 5205
Specifically look at functions LoRaReceive_callback (in general the gateway can only send data back (downlink) to a class A node during two limited time frames after the node transmitted) and LoRaWANSendsucceed_callback.
Your gateway must be able to support downlink in order to send a response to the node…