Actility support?

Is there any gateway that RAK provides that has Actility support? I couldnt find any supported Gateway on their site from RAK

Hi, @brolly759,
For now, we don’t provide gateways that support Actility.

Is there any roadmap for Actility support?

Hi @robson ,
As for now, we are not planning to support Actility.

I am looking to see if there is now support for the RAK7240 on the Actility network. Can you please advise ASAP.

Hello @lk123,
We are working to make this integration available. I will post on this topic once it is avaiable.

Hi Nikola,

Can you please send me an email with some details of who is progressing this from both the RAK and more importantly Actility side as I would like to follow up on the Actility side.

[email protected]