Add 4G/LTE to RAK7289V2

unfortunately a few months ago we bought a few RAK7289V2 without LTE Cat4 (EG95-E) connectivity. Is there a board we can buy to add LTE connectivity to our RAK7289V2?

If you take a look in the RAK7289V2 documentation you will see [Block Diagram] with Quectel EG95, the LTE modem connected by a USB connection (RAK7289V2/RAK7289CV2 WisGate Edge Pro Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center):


But any way you will need to pay attention because each country has its own LTE standard. I only saw the board for the RAK Raspberry Kit

Yes, but I cannot find the Quectel EG95 (EMEA version) anywhere. We found this , but will it work? My plan is to open the RAK7289V2 and plug the board in one of the two PCIe slots available

Take a look, I am not sure, but I think that this is the board that you are looking for: Wireless modules for the WisGate Connect