Add GPS to RAK7268

Hi. I want to add a GPS module to this gateway (RAK7268). How can I add a GPS to this model?

i noticed my RAK7268C comes already with Rak2287 which is a concentrator that has GPS integrated in it, but i noticed the IPEX connector for the GPS antenna is missing, can i just add one and have GPS or is there something else i need to do to enable this functionality?


I would assume that a module configuration without a GPS antenna connector also did not have the GPS receiver components populated.

Even if you had the full sold-separately build of the RAK2287 card to try, there’s also a fairly substantial chance that the gateway board doesn’t provide any data path from the pins of the module that the GPS would use, back to the host processor running the software - GPS in a LoRaWAN gateway needs the PPS sync signal run over to the concentrator chip, but needs a UART or I2C path back to the processor to obtain the time fix (and if desired location) corresponding to that sync pulse.