Add I2C sensor like AHRS, in RAK5205

I want to add an I2C sensor like AHRS, but is there a port I can use? Additionally, we are looking for firmware examples.

Hello @zerotiger, welcome to the forum

WisBlock has several options to connect an external I2C sensor.

Option 1: the WisBlock Base boards have an 4 pin header with the I2C, 3.3V and GND exposed. => RAK5005-O WisBlock Base Board Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Option 2: The RAK1920 module offers connectors in QWIIC format (Sparkfun) and Grove connector format (Seeed). => RAK1920 WisBlock Sensor Adapter Module | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Option 3: The RAK5804 has most of the GPIO’s, SPI and I2C exposed on two small headers. It comes with a matching cable RAK5804 WisBlock Interface Extension Module | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Option 4: The RAK13002 has all of the GPIO’s SPI and I2C exposed on pin headers. => RAK13002 WisBlock IO Module | RAKwireless Documentation Center

For software examples, you can check our WisBlock Github repo that includes many examples. But of course these examples are for our Core, Sensor and Interface modules, not for sensors from other companies. => WisBlock/examples at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub

Hi beegee , thank you for answer.

I am using RAK5205, doesn`t have I2C pin headers or port?

is that possible only for the 4 models you mentioned?

Ah, you asked the same question in Zendesk. See my answer there.

RAK5205 is not a WisBlock module. And it is already EOL. You should consider to switch to WisBlock.