Add Mikrotik Lora9 Gateway to 7528

Issue:Adding Mikrotik Lora9 Gateway to 7528

Setup: 7528 on same network as Lora9

LoRa® Server: 7528 Built-In

Details: I cannot seem to get my Mikrotik Lora9 gateway to connect to the 7528. I have added the Lora9 as a gateway under Lora Network Server -> Gateway, but it never checks in.

If the network you are connecting to is wireless, you will need to open the firewall’s acceptance configuration.


Everything is hardwired. So I have the WAN port of the 7258 connected to the same switch that the Lora9 is connected to.

I have disabled all firewall settings in the 7258 as well. I can ping back and forth between the devices, so the connection is there.

What port should a gateway be using to connect to the 7258?

The UDP port is 1698!