Adjusting RAK12015 vibration sensor

Hello. I am new to circuits and have been unable to find any guidance on this topic in the forum. Specifically, I am interested in adjusting the sensitivity of the RAK12015 vibration sensor. I am using it in conjunction with a RAK 4631.

The arduino sketch provided as well as the schematic diagram web page for the module seems to indicate that the PCB has a hard wired (I think) 10k ohm resistor. It appears that to modify the sensitivity I would need to use different resistor values. Would this be through mounting an external resistor to the module (where would this go?) or can this be achieved with internal pull up resistors?

The schematic indicates that “signal conditioning” can be done via R3/U1 that are not PCB mounted, but I am at a loss to understand how exactly that would be accomplished. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for a possible solution?. Other (non-RAK) modules that use the same ANT-801 sensor seem to have a separate potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. Many thanks.

Welcome to RAK forum @smilius1 ,

Our team did some test on the 801S vibration sensor and its high sensitivity make is unusable for a configurable vibration sensor. It is more of a vibration detector. Maybe you have a look on this module as alternative. Likely you can still connect this to your WisBlock via io pins.

Thank you for the response. I will check out your suggestion.