All About RAK811 Module

Hi, this is about RAK811 Module.

I can see the module has inbuilt STM32L151 which is a powerful MUC.

Can it be programmed and used for our applications or the muc is only used by SX1276 and we need external mcu again?

As of now, the module is responding to our AT commands.

Just wanted to know if anyone is also working with these modules. How you are programming and what muc are you interfacing? (for power and size effectiveness)

We are a team of 3 working with various nodes, as and when we have any progress I would update here[for RAK811] and share with the community.

If anyone can give heads up it would be great.

@Fomi, @Hobo and others- any leads?

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Hi, @sri

Yes, you can program RAK811 freely if you want. Actually, there is a fully open source project for RAK811 on Github, and you can get the source code & documents, then customize a new firmware as your idea freely.

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Thank you @Fomi for your reply.

Thats a cool feature to explore. Actually I was confused after reading this line β€œIt is easy to accomplish their applications, such as simple long range sensor data applications with external host MCU, low-power feature is suitable for battery applications.” from datasheet v1.1.pdf. The external host MCU lines made me feel the module needs an external MCU to work as programmed.

So, as per your update we can program the internal STM32L as per our application and requirement. Is my understanding is correct?

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