Alternatives to Raspberry PI for RAK2245, RAK2287, etc

Hello, due to the global shortage of Raspberry PIs, do you support or recommend any alternatives for running RAK2245, RAK2287 etc?

There is a SBC called “Libre” which seems to be the exact form factor and pinouts as RPi, but it’s based on the Allwinner and other SoC. (see If these units run debian or ubuntu, would the RAK drivers work as long as they are pin-compatible with RPi?

Thanks for any advice.

Unofficially I’ve used these modules on other hosts.

The big issues would be that the host needs to support SPI, (and if you want a GPS to work also have a UART or I2C channel), that you’ll need to do some degree of custom software work, and that the system be preferably more robust against unexpected power loss than a pi’s consumer grade SD card(!)

If you only need a few systems this is fairly easy, but a challenge if you have an ongoing need is that a lot of these platforms tend to get end-of-lifed just as you finally get everything figured out - that’s especially true of the the whatever-pi platforms based on Allwinner tablet chips, as that line of SoC’s is contanstantly marching forwards rather than staying in one place the way a meant-for-embedded SoC would.

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