Always report Error 96 code when confirmed message

I will Rak811 and Rak4200, never get downlink messages.

I can be very sure that the gateway receives the message, but the node cannot receive it.

Hi @haowong ,

The module seems to be set at 4xxMhz band. What LoRaWAN Regional Band is your gateway and network server operating? Are the modules you are using RAK811(L) and RAK4200(L)?

If the downlink is not received but the uplink is successful, can you doublecheck if the downlink frequency is the one you expect. I am not really familiar with 4xx band. But these are the first time I will check.

Hi there, I use 470 band in china.

Any detailed plan to check frequency? It seems the frequency of downlink meets the LoRaWAN regional Specification.

Hi @haowong

  what server do you use?Can you use the ttn or tencent to connect?