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I have recently purchased the RAK811 LPWAN Breakout Module from RAK store.

This module integrates both SMA and iPEX antenna connectors. As such, I wanted to know how long can we extend the antenna cable? Either using

Option 1: using SMA

Connecting the RAK811 with RP-SMA to N-Type Cable


Option 2: Using iPEX

Connecting the RAK811 with iPex to N-type Cable

The main reason for me to ask this question is, basically, I am placing the RAK811 inside a data cabinet which mainly consists of steel (on either side, top, and bottom).

Thus, I wanted to make sure data availability, as a solution I was thinking of an antenna extension from the RAK811 module using either of the above options, I would require around 4.2m extension.

Is this the correct/best practice way in doing so?. Can someone please advise?

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Cables from device to antenna are all about managing the signal losses due to cable length and connectors. Once you have an idea about that you can then alter the signal strength to allow for the losses and still radiate the legal limit at the antenna

The ones in the RAK store are 1m long so won’t get you all the way to your antenna.

Ideally you want to keep the number of connectors down - is it feasible to mount the module so its SMA connector is through the steel & available from the outside? The you can have one clear run of cable to the antenna.

Then there are a variety of cable types and each one comes in a variety of levels of quality (ie higher quality, lower signal loss). You may want to browse a native language RF online shop, most of them do a good job of explaining the details.

You can also use our Pulsar cable. 5 meters and 10 meters are available.

Make this as your Option 3:

As Nick said, the consideration you have should be mainly on the signal losses. The loses is also on the link I’ve shared.

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Keep in mind, on the RAK811 Breakout Board you can use only the IPEX OR the SMA connector. By default the SMA connector is selected by a resistor switch (R2 soldered, R1 open)

If you want to use the IPEX, you have to switch the resistors (R2 open, R1 soldered).

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Cool, hadn’t spotted them!

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Thank you all for your suggestions, which are indeed valuable to me…
In fact, i managed to place that in a plexo box on the side of the power cabinet.

Again, I truly appreciate your help and suggestions.
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