Any experience using WS2812b addressable leds

Hello everyone,
Have any of you tried working with WS2812b LED matrices?
I imagine that it’s necessary to make a prior assignment of the ports of the Ambiq Apollo3 to try to adjust the existing management libraries of this type of LED matrices… but has anyone already faced this or knows of a library that could be functional?
I have tried to generate the bit frames according to the timing requirements indicated in the WS2812b datasheets, but I think I should access the timers of the microcontroller itself if I want to be efficient…
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

I tried with FastLED.h library wich is suposed to support Ambiq Apollo3 Blue platform… but something must be adjusted…

Hi @ERA ,

I acknowledge that FastLed is a very popular library to the Arduino community and RUI3 should be able to support it (I got same result on what you shown).

I already create a ticket for this and should be looked at by our team. I cannot promise though for quick update since they are focused right now on open-sourcing the whole RUI3 firmware framework.

Thanks Carl, I will be looking for any clue

Hi, again, anyone have a hint?, any news?