Any update on RAK3172 TCXO

We are using RAK3172 in an application where we need to send large chunks of data. this is P2P application.
I was going through the old community post, and there was some indication that TXCO will be added to RAK3172. has it been added?
if not, then will it be added?

Welcome to RAK forum @bug

The RAK3172 still do not have TCXO.

However, you might consider RAK3172-SiP which offer same functionality at same cost and has TCXO. As for when TCXO will be added to RAK3172, there is no definitive time yet. RAK3172-SiP and RAK3172LP-SiP are the alternatives at the moment.

Yes, we looked into that, what about the FCC certification of RAK3172-SiP?

For the FCC certification, we have FCC certification on RAK3272-SiP which is basically a breakout board for RAK3172-SiP. I am not sure though if that will be enough on your requirements.

Can you share the fcc certification ID by any chance for the RAK3272-SiP ?

You can check the available RAK3172-SiP Certifications here.