App_60000 RAK_TRACKER ? What is it?

Issue: I met some config in my RAK7240 I do not really understand.

Firmware: WisGateOS 1.3.4_RAK 20220706 b113

Details: Checking config files to solve unrelated problem, I just met this block in my lorasrv config:

config app ‘app_60000’
option id ‘60000’
option auth_mode ‘1’
option name ‘RAK_TRACKER’
option date ‘Tue Sep 14 06:19:57 2021’
option created ‘1631600397’
option PayloadFormat ‘none’
option data_encode ‘base64’
option http_max_connection ‘16’
option http_max_queue ‘64’
option description ‘RAK Tracker integration app’
option mqtt_enable ‘1’
option mqtt_broker_ip ‘
option mqtt_broker_port ‘8883’
option mqtt_version ‘3.1.1’
option mqtt_clean_session ‘1’
option mqtt_retain ‘0’
option mqtt_qos ‘1’
option mqtt_keepalive ‘10’
option mqtt_auth_enable ‘1’
option mqtt_username ‘gateway-pub’
option mqtt_password ‘6wEDefEzndcJ’
option mqtt_tls_mode ‘ca_signed’
option mqtt_tls_version ‘tlsv1.2’

This is no config visible when configuring the gateway by browser, and I really have no idea of which kind of info is this sending to who, it appears as enabled… I think I have not seen anything like this through my firewalls though. I also have not seen anything like this in my logs, but i did see entries in log published by third people like:

user.notice data-broker: {"60000":{"mqtt":{"keepalive":"10","clean_session":"1","broker_port":"8883","broker_ip":"","username":"gateway-pub","tls_version":"tlsv1.2","version":"3.1.1","tls_mode":"ca_signed","auth_enable":"1","password":"6wEDefEzndcJ","qos":"1","retain":"0"}}}

So, it just seem some kind of service to keep track of active gateways, but I really do not know where or how is configured.

Does anyone know what is this about?

Thanks a lot!