Arduino Example to store the BLE Scanned data to Persistent memory

I want to store the data(the scanned ble devices) on Persistent memory that I log after performing BLE Scanning in Arduino using the RAK4630 board.
Do we have any such example?
FYI- I am not using LoRaWan server.

I got an example from my colleague on using flash memory as storage. It is not a direct Arduino library but you can use it as a baseline. Here’s is the github repo RAK4631-LoRa-BLE-Config/flash.cpp at main · beegee-tokyo/RAK4631-LoRa-BLE-Config · GitHub.

This is actually a part of a project in which users can configure LoRaWAN parameters via Android App. Once the info are sent to the RAK4631, it stores those to its flash memory and remember it even on power down. Here’s the detail of that project which might be helpful to you as reference GitHub - beegee-tokyo/RAK4631-LoRa-BLE-Config: Example how to configure LORa/LoRaWAN of a WisBlock Core RAK4631 over BLE.

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I have created an example code where I store the LoRa/LoRaWAN credentials in the internal flash memory. There is a matching Android application to setup these parameters as well.

It is work in progress, so there might be problems.

Android application
Android source code

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Yes of course. Both Carl and I are on Discord RAKstars.

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Discord id is Bernd Giesecke

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Do we have a basic code example which writes and reads data to and from Flash?