Arduino IDE RAK4600 Bootloader - BLE functionality

Has anyone had any luck with getting the RAK4600-B to work as per the repository below? I am very interested in getting the BLE part of it working and being able to control it before I can move onto the lora side.

I am just having issues and getting stuck on the bootloader section where I keep getting the same error
that I can’t seem to get it to get into DFU mode.

I’ve tried grounding the pins as per below and no luck

I guess a few questions would be:

  1. Does anyone know which is the DFU pin or is that something dictated by the bootloader hex?

  2. Is there a simple way to develop this board to control the BLE side of things. (I had a look at the micropython solution and it seems to have been developed up to now just for lora functionality)

Hi @sebb,
To enter in DFU mode try to ground P0.18(9).
On the git that you shared, you can find all the needed examples to control the BLE.