Arduino rak uploader.exe tagged as a virus

Using Arduino 1.8.15, windows 10 - after adding the rak rui board package I tried to upload a RUI3 example sketch and the antivirus kicked in and deleted uploader.exe. I fixed it by turning off AV and reinstalling the rui bsp in Arduino. Who is responsible for this package?

Sad story.
The uploader.exe application is quite old, we used it since 2021 when we started with RUI3 (and the code itself is even older, it is used in the RAK DFU tool as well).
But a few months ago, Microsoft decided that it is a virus. We complained to Microsoft, but to no avail.

We are looking for a solution.

We hopefully found a workaround for Windows. For those with the problem, please get the uploader.exe from the attached ZIP file and put it into the folder (changes depending on your username)

C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\rak_rui\tools\uploader\0.0.0 (6.3 MB)

In Windows 11, you can add a exclusion to the Windows Defender for a specific file.
Open Defender Settings → Anti-Virus options → Settings → Scroll down to add exclusions.
May this can help.