Arduino RUI3 Support for RAK3172


I followed the RAKwireless BSP Support For The Arduino Board Manager tutorial and I get to this step, but I do not see the STM32 boards option. Has this not been released yet or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @ProblemSolved

RUI3 for the RAK3172 is not released yet. We are in the final testing stage and will make it public soon.

@beegee thank you very much!

Sounds good, looking forward to the release.

Any ETA on when RUI3 for RAK3172 will be released?

We’ll let you know once it’s ready.

We are also awaiting this release, any ETA guidance would be appreciated. If you are looking at weeks away could you please recommend the best way to get going with 3172 for stand alone applications, would that be limited to low level development using STM32Cube? Or, is it possible to use some variant of the Wisblock-API?

Hello @ec3
We are close to release RUi3 for RAK3172, there are 2 more bugs to be fixed, which should be done this week.

We provided a guide for STM32Cube, but I have to say honestly, I never tried it.

WisBlock API will most likely never support the RAK3172, it is designed for nRF52, RP2040 and ESP32 CPU’s and the implementation of the STM32WL would be quite complicated.

Hello guys,
i was wondering if there is a beginners guide on how to actually use RUI3 on RAK3172 as it’s a bit confusing when you read this doc:
RAKwireless Unified Interface V3 (RUI3) | RAKwireless Documentation Center as it seems this guide was designed for people already familiar with development on RUI.

  1. So should one start reading up on RUI2 and come back to RUI3?

here are the things i could gather from the above and did so far:

  1. i have flashed the RAK7132 with the new firmware as per the above doc and now i need to build my own custom code based on RUI 3 API, i have my VS Code, platofrmIO, Arduino already installed and ready to go, but not sure what to do next, what to install, what example to start with ?

it would be great if the team can provide examples we can check out to understand how to get started.

PS: does one have to follow this SSTM32Cube to start with RUI3 or is that a different thing?

maybe the doc above can include a clear how to get started for newbies, with no source code template provided.


Hi @JayjJay ,

I am the one accountable on making sure that you will be able to use the RUI3 smoothly by having the right and easy to follow docs.

Can you have a look on this guide and see if this is the one you are looking for - RAK3172 Module Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Hi @carlrowan
Thanks for sharing the guide, unfortunately i get stuck at section 6: as i can’t find RAKwireless RUI STM32 Boards so maybe the guide is ahead of development as there is no RAKwireless RUI STM32 Boards available to install…
Edit: if i may suggest it would be great if you can add that link to the learning section of the docs here: RAKwireless Documentation Center

Forgot to say: Good Job on the docs :slight_smile: :+1:

Yes. It is bit ahead. Hopefully I won’t jinx and we release RUI3 for RAK3172 very very soon.

Good suggestion. It seems we need to add something in Learn section. Probably some people try to find stuff there. Hmm.

Thank you for your insights. Anything more feedback on the docs and guide, we are here to help and improve :100:

I wrote something, but it is not yet released. @JayjJay I will send it to you directly.