Arduino support for the RAK4260


I have a few RAK4260 WisBlock cores from a while back.

Are these still supported moving forward, or have they been replaced with the 4630 etc moving forward?

Just wondering if there will be Arduino support for the 4260 or not.

I guess I can still program them with the RAK sdk and use them on the WisBlock 5005


Hi @John_NZ ,

I think you are talking about RAK4260 EVB Prevent Inaccuracy in Data with The RAK4260 LPWAN Evaluation Board – RAKwireless Store

This is a separate development from WisBlock since it uses a different Base board.

But you can still use it via Arduino using Bastwan - GitHub - ElectronicCats/BastWAN: BastWAN is all the best in the world format Feather and LoRa with a RAK4260 and LoRaWAN


Yes, that’s the one.

As it has WizBlock written on the carrier board, I presumed that it was the 5005.

So safe to assume that the 4260 carrier board is not compatible/equivalent with the 5005?

Thanks for the information on Bastwan.

  • John

Hi John,

There are two version of the carrier board
RAK5005 => Used for WisDuo Evaluation boards like the RAK4260 that you have. These boards are only sold as EVB’s together with the RAK4260 on it.
RAK5005-O => Used for WisBlock only
There are small differences between the two boards. But as long as you use the RAK5005 boards which have the print RAK5005 V3.0 on it, it will work.

Thank you. Yes I see those differences now.

Also the RAK5005’s that were just delivered to me last week from RakWireless are marked V1.0 not V3.0

Or are you saying that the RAK4260 module will work on the V3.0 carrier board?

Thanks for your patience with my confusing questions.


The RAK4260 is made to use the RAK5005 V3.0.

The main difference between RAK5005 (WisDuo EVB) and RAK5005- O is that the RAK5005 has a UART-USB chip on board, because our WisDuo modules do not have USB. They need the UART-USB chip.
Our WisBlock Core modules all have the USB either inside the MCU or on the Core Module PCB, so they do not need the UART-USB chip on the carrier board (we call it Base board).

Thank you.

I think we are nearly there.

The base board with the RAK4260 is marked V2.0
Is there any significant difference between the V2.0 and V3.0 base boards?


Now you got me confused. I know only
RAK5005 V3.0 for WisDuo EVB’s
RAK5005-O V1.0 for WisBlock

Can you send me an image of this board?

Here you go.


It is compatible with the RAK4260 board you have. I am guessing it is an older version of the RAK5005 V 3.0 (I am only one year in the company, so I do not know all the history).

Just out of curiosity, Carl proposed Arduino IDE and BastWAN BSP. If you want to go that way, let me know.


Yes I would like to give BastWAN a go.
I have installed the BastWAN board into Arduino without issue.
The question is now, which bootloader do I need on the RAK4260 to be able to program it?
I loaded the bootloader-bast-wan-v3.5.0.bin bootloader at 0x00000000, and it says it should be a UF2 device, but it doesn’t show up as one.
If you have some guidance on how to get it setup, it would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Hi @John_NZ

You choose the correct bootloader, but then it’s get tricky. When I tried it first, I stumbled over the same problem.

To use RAK4260 with the Arduino Bootloader, you have to change the base board from RAK5005 V3(2).0 to RAK5005-O V1.0
Because the Arduino bootloader wants to use the native SAMR34 USB for flashing and debugging, but on the old base boards the native USB is not connected.
But on the RAK5005-O V1.0 it is.

I had to learn this the hard way when I started with the WisBlock and WisDuo products here.

Hi @beegee

Yes, that works perfectly! Thank you.

Now, if I want to use the EVB board and upload the Arduino firmware via a J-Link to the RAK4260, is there another bootloader I can use to achieve that?

I know I lose the plug and play advantage of using the UF2 with the RAK5005-0 but I am thinking maybe if I use the RAK4260 bootloader and put the arduino image in the correct place (0x2000 maybe?), then the arduino image will run?
I am assuming that the UF2 bootimage is not setting up anything that the arduino image needs to run.


I never tried to mix RAK bootloader with Arduino firmware. No idea if that works.

For uploading the firmware with JLink or DAPlink, you just need the .hex file and flash it with the adapter. It will not use the bootloader at all.

But I do not know if the firmware start addresses are the same. If the firmware is compiled on a specific flash memory address and you flash it to a different address it will fail.

Yes, I suspect that the format of the file that Arduino is producing for Bastwan is a UF2 file to be written to the filesystem. Which means that it will have a wrapper that I don’t want.
I will have to investigate further.


No, you get s .hex, and a .bin file. Just run a compilation of my RAK4260 EVB firmware.