AS923 DR2 max payload is 59 instead of 115

AS923 DR2 max payload is 59 instead of 115

Lora Module: RAK4200 fw verion


verified on both sub-bands AS923-1, AS923-2. Max payload achieved on different DR:
DR0 - 57
DR1 - 59
DR2 - 59
DR3 - 100+

Two problems here:
1, AS923 DR2 payload greater than 59 bytes will get ERROR 87. However in the regional specs, the length should be 115
2, To my understanding, on RAK4200, max payload is limited to the ‘N’ value of the Maximum payload size in the regional specs. Trying to send anything bigger than that you will get ERROR 87. For AS923, both DR1 AND DR0 shares N value 51, however in practice, they both go beyound that.

Hi @rcai ,

I already reported this to our team. We will verify and let you know for updates. Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

Thanks for the quick response and look forward to a solution from you soon.
One more thing is that I also verified the same problems exist on FW