At command useless on RAK811

I just got a lora node RAK811 and config it following the website to connect node to TTN.
When I connect the node with my computer and check the serial port, I found at commands are useless.
The node just showing “OTAA Join Start…”.
The messages send to the node are not work because there is no response to the message.
And I have sent at command to change the AppEUI and APPKey, but there is no response and change on the serial port.

I wondering how can I change the parameter? Also, how to reset the RAK811?

The old RAK5205 firmware don’t support the AT commands of RAK811.
The parameters of RAK5205 board can be modified in about 30 seconds during initialization, refer to chapter 2 in the links for setup instructions:RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa V1.1.pdf.
About reset the RAK811,you could press the reset key/button:RAK5205_User_Manual_V1.6.pdf
Or you can update to the latest firmware so that you can also use all RAK811-related AT instructions after initialization:RAK811_HF_trackerboard_V2.0.0.6.bin.

Hi, thank for your reply. I actually found my node is RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa which is bought on And the type is CN470.
Now I download the keil demo file “RAK811.uvprojx”, compile and flash to the node following this website:
However, the serial shows that “LIS3DH no ack LIS3DH is not found!”
So I have some questions:

  1. Is the demo file suitable for RAK811 not the RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa?
  2. If it is, then where can I find the keil file suitable for RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa?
  3. I have also tried the demo bin file, but also have some questions:

    3.2) join otaa
    Do I need one gateway that is operated on 470MHz? then my node can join otaa ?

Thank you greatly ! I will appreciate any of your reply!

Hi,@ pei
1."However, the serial shows that “LIS3DH no ack LIS3DH is not found!”"Maybe you generate the HF firmware with the keil demo,but it doesn’t support region CN470.How to generate LF firmware to support region CN470,details pls refer to RAK5205ReleaseNotes.txt
2.About the errors you encounterred ,maybe you send sevral invalid instructions. Maybe send the \r\n more than one time.
3.“Do I need one gateway that is operated on 470MHz? then my node can join otaa ?” Yes,you must need one gateway operated on 470MHz and must be obtained the DevEui,AppKey,AppEui parameters from One server e.g TTN.

Sorry for bother again!
Thank you for your reply that really helped me much.
I still have one question now.
I download the file, but I found my version is,not the

Then I still have the LIS3DH problem.
So my question is where can I download the latest version

Thank you again!

You can refer to : RAK5205ReleaseNotes.txt.It could be help you generate the LF firmware(V2.1.0.6) .
Also you can switch the keil demo project following below:

And you can direct to download ready-made firmware V2.1.0.6 for CN470 :RAK811_LF_trackerboard_V2.1.0.6.bin